Killeen: Homeless shelter in need of funds to close temporarily

KILLEEN, Texas (KWTX) Killeen’s Friends in Crisis homeless shelter will close temporarily at 7 a.m. Saturday while officials look for additional sources of funding.

(Photo by Brandon Hamilton/file)

The four-year-old shelter at 412 East Sprott St. in downtown Killeen could be closed for weeks or longer, Director of Programs Suzanne Armour said.

"This shelter it means love, family. It's a place where I originated as a client to now being employed here,” Arsean Session said.

He credits the shelter for turning his life around. Session came to Killeen from Dallas, he says, with nowhere else to go. After sleeping on the streets, Friends in Crisis took him in.

"To know that it is going to be gone feels like a part of me is gone as well,” he said.

The shelter is in need of financial assistance to reopen its doors. It has been depending on private donations with some funding from Killeen’s Community Development Block Grant.

"Actually costs us about $30,000 a month which translates to $1,000 a day just to operate this facility,” Armour said.

With close to 75-plus a night at the shelter, where will those in need of help go?

"We prepared information for them with a list of resources and other shelters within a couple hundred mile radius. Hopefully we will be able to provide some limited transportation for them as well,” Armour said.

Everyone at the shelter leaning on the community in hopes this shutdown is only for a short time -- not forever.

"If anybody wants to understand why they need to help, it's that reminder of it's not about the fact you can give, it's the fact you're giving because of what you've already got,” Session said.

To donate to the shelter’s GoFundMe page, click on the link that is posted on this story.

List of other homeless shelters in Central Texas:

The Salvation Army
Temple, Texas

My Brother’s Keeper Homeless Emergency Shelter
Waco, Texas

Salvation Army Waco Emergency Shelter Transient Lodge
Waco, Texas

Salvation Army’s Sally House
Waco, Texas

*In Copperas Cove, the Cove House provides emergency assistance for a two-week period.