Killeen: Mall opens its doors for early morning workouts

KILLEEN, Texas (KWTX) Rain in the forecast could make it easy to find an excuse to stay inside and get out of exercising, but there is a way to keep dry and still get a workout in.

(Photo by Chelsea Edwards)

The Killeen Mall opens its doors at 6 a.m. daily for anyone wanting to get some indoor exercise by walking.

One lap from any entrance and back is three quarters of a mile, and walking one lap can burn 50 to 75 calories.

Walkers can also register with the mall so they have emergency contact information on hand.

Mall managers say there are already 200 people registered.

Linda Shahan says is one of them.

She says she's been mall walking in Killeen for 20 years.

“Not only does it help you lose weight maybe a little bit, it tones up your muscles and just makes you feel good about yourself,” says Shahan.

“Kind of that you're doing something that's worthwhile- especially as you age, it's better to keep moving.”

Linda says walkers get the added benefit of window shopping. If she sees something she likes, she might come back for it later when the shops are open.

After the mall added an H&M store, the early morning entrance shifted.

Morning walkers should use the north entrance for access.

To register emergency contact information, call the mall's business office at (254) 699-2211.

Shahan says new walkers will find plenty of exercise buddies once they get started.

"Just walk in the door, and find your path," she says.