Killeen: Resident says “we care and we are aware” in crime fight

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KILLEEN, Texas (KWTX) Some neighbors in a west Killeen neighborhood say they’re fighting back against a rising crime rate by staying aware and involved in their community.

Ashley Knight. (Photo by Kathleen Serie)

Ashley Knight runs a daycare business out of her home off of Bunny Trail.

She said she feels safe in her neighborhood.

"I like this community primarily because we share, we care, and we are aware,” Knight said.

Although there have been several deadly shootings in the area in the last year, Knight said it is important how the community responds.

"When the negative things are present, we should approach them,” she said.

“We should counter-act them, and say hey, this is not allowed in this area. This is not what we want, this is not approved here, and we stop it."

Although there is no formal community watch group, an active neighborhood Facebook page helps start the conversation.

"As soon as we identify that that's happening on this street or whatever area, the more people are really vigilant to see or catch that person,” Knight said.

She said most neighbors in the area have security cameras and alarm systems.

Down the road, neighborhood watch signs hang on Vickie Jackson’s backyard fence and garage door.

“There used to be cars that used to park out here all the time,” Jackson said. “Not sure what they were doing, but after we put our signs up, it stopped."

Jackson said she feels safe because her neighbors take care of each other.
"When my husband's in the hospital, there's been plenty of times I've come home, and my trash has been taken in and out for me,” Jackson said.

“The neighbors know when you're not here, and when to watch your house."

Jackson said she and her husband return the favor.
"There was one time their front door was open, and we knew they weren't home, and we knocked on the door and we went and closed their door,” Jackson said.

“The kids accidentally left it open when they went to school one morning.”

She said these small gestures go a long way.
"More eyes, the safer your neighborhood's going to be,” Jackson said.
"We make the difference,” Knight said.
“We are the change that we want to see."
The housing developments off of Bunny Trail are close to two Killeen ISD Schools: Haynes Elementary and Roy J. Smith Middle School.