Killeen: Some parents complain about school bus delays

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KILLEEN, Texas (KWTX) As the new school year gets underway, the parents of some Killeen ISD students are complaining about bus delays that they say have carried over from past years.

(Photo by Alex Cano)

“It's the first day of school and their father and I are waiting for the bus to come and it never comes. so just as I am getting ready to text them and see what the holdup is, my daughter, calls me and lets me know that the bus has never shown up at Ellison (High School) to pick them up,” Katrina Woods said Tuesday.

She says the problem her children face at Ellison is nothing new.

“Last year I had the same problem where Jordan had her half of her first day at the career center. The bus got her to school late which then she couldn't transition to her next bus and put her in the library. To me that's unacceptable.”

The district says it anticipated the delays and put out notices to parents through their social media pages.

They also say with new students, new bus drivers and new routes, delays and congestion are normal at the start of a school year.

But it's an explanation Woods doesn’t understand.

“With the district, it’s kind of pass the buck nobody really wants to accept responsibility of what's going on.”

She says she would like to speak to school board members on this issue.

The district tells parents to call their school or the districts transportation department if they are having issues with delays.