Killeen: Video of tricked-out police Cadillac goes viral

(Photo by Sam DeLeon)
(Photo by Sam DeLeon)(KWTX)
Published: Apr. 6, 2018 at 5:08 PM CDT
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The Killeen Police Department has a special car that is part of the Police Explorer Program and video of the unit went viral on Facebook after someone saw it at a gas station.

The Cadillac was confiscated from a convicted drug dealer and the explorer program turned it into a mockup of a patrol car.

Julian Martinez is the Child safety coordinator for KPD and the Explorer program and he said the car is used to give kids in the program the opportunity to learn basic police procedures without taking any patrol cars or officers off the street.

“Explorers they love this vehicle, they have a lot of time with it, a lot of time practicing with it. That's how they learn how to get in out of a vehicle, patrol unit, versus having to use an actual patrol unit,” Martinez said.

The explorer program is for students from 14 to 21 with passing GPAs.

Martinez also said nothing on the car was paid for with tax dollars, everything was donated including the car.

He says it's a fun way to keep kids interested in becoming police officers.