Killeen: Bishop remembers slain son, calls for unity to stop violence

KILLEEN, Texas (KWTX) It’s been a week since the fatal shooting of a father of five in Killeen. Since then, his family says it’s been hard to process.

Darryl Shaw and his son, Simeon Shaw. (Facebook photo)

“Simeon was my musician, he was my friend, and he was my traveling partner,” said Bishop Darryl Shaw.

Darryl Shaw, the leader of The Rivers of Living Waters Church, has been a voice in the Killeen community for decades.

His son, 36-year-old Simeon Shaw, was gunned down on Oct. 4 in the 1800 block of Mulford Street.

As of Friday night, still no motive in the shooting and no arrests have been made.

“Our son has been a vital part of the community, a very vital part of the church, certainly very vital part of our family,” Darryl Shaw said. “I trust God, I don’t understand God all the time, but I trust God.”

Since his son’s death, a new calling for the bishop.

“I believe when the church, the clergy and city council come together and begin to talk unity, we can at least put a dent in these homicides we have going on,” Darryl Shaw said.

For 2019, Killeen Police Department says there have been 10 reported homicides. That number surpasses the seven reported murders in all of 2018.

Burying a child, a fraternity no parent wants to be part of.

“I’m just one of thousands across our country experiencing this tragedy as a father. We’re just praying for one another. We believe justice will prevail at some point,” Darryl Shaw said.

Darryl Shaw recalled the memories of his son, Simeon, and his love for music.

“What I think about mostly every day is laughing when he woke everybody beating on the drums at 5 years old,” he said.

Funeral plans are set for Saturday at The Rivers of Living Waters Church in Killeen.