Killeen: Community forum will address chemical plant concerns

Photo by Tianna Jenkins
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KILLEEN, Texas (KWTX) Councilwoman Shirley Fleming will hold a community forum at the Killeen Community Center on Thursday to help concerned residents get answers about new chemical plant coming to Killeen.

MGC Pure Chemicals America, Inc. is expected to build the new manufacturing facility at the Killeen Business Park and start production by 2019.

Super-pure hydrogen peroxide that is used in the semiconductor industry as a cleaning product is what the plant will be producing.

Councilwoman Fleming says she had no idea about it coming to Killeen and that it would be located in her district.

She says residents have been calling and emailing her constantly with concerns they have.

"They are relating it back to West and Houston when they had that blow-up," Councilwoman Fleming said.

"My constituents are concerned about their safety."

Fleming has asked the Mayor of Killeen, representatives from Killeen Economic Development Corporation and others to attend the forum.

The forum will include a five-minute video on the company.

She wants to make sure everyone including herself knows everything they can about this plant and if it will be safe to be so close to residents.

"I think this forum is important because it gives the constituents a chance to be able to sleep at night and realize that it's a possibility that the plant is either going to be safe or not," Councilwoman Fleming said.

"They will know exactly what's going on."

The forum will be at the Killeen Community Center from 6 p.m. until 8.p.m.