Killeen: Former NFL Player Michael Vick hosts football training camp

Photo by Tianna Jenkins
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KILLEEN, Texas (KWTX) Former NFL quarterback Michael Vick got back out on the field with some middle and high school students in Killeen on Sunday.

He hosted V7 elite playmakers showcase-- at Shoemaker High School.

More than one-hundred students were able to learn different techniques, drills, and fundamentals of the game.

Vick says he came to Killeen because his good friend from high school is stationed at Fort Hood.

He also wanted to visit cities that don't get a lot of recognition.

He enjoyed being able to help students better their game.

"It's all about how you dream, how you look at certain players and pattern your game," Vick said.

"It's all love man it's just us having a great time and a great day of teaching and development. "

Toby Foreman is the head football coach and athletic coordinator at Shoemaker High School.

He was excited when he heard Michael Vick was coming to host his football camp.

He hopes his players will be able to learn something from Vick's visit.

"I think they need to be able to see if you believe in something and work hard enough you can achieve it," Foreman said.

Although it was a cold and windy Sunday the students put in work and was proud that Vick was there to help them get better at the sport they love.