Killeen: High school trainer retires after 57 years

Published: May. 31, 2018 at 7:13 PM CDT
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Every fall, thousands of football fans pack the stands at Leo Buckley stadium behind Killeen high school, but nobody knows it quite as well as Al “Doc” Wilson.

For 57 years, Doc has treated thousands of athletes at Killeen high school.

“Game wise, I’m always right on the sidelines, there's been several times I’ve been knocked by the players," Wilson said.

Last October, he made the decision to call it quits.

“Fifty seven years is a long time. I know that I’m still healthy but I can't run out that field like I used too," he said.

He’s also made it his mission to preserve the legacy of former classmates and their families, by helping the school’s booster club place bricks engraved with the graduation year and names that lead to the football field.

Wilson says it will take time to get used to his new life.

“I’m sure that I will miss the young people, the players and the students. As well as all the coaches I know that will be quite an adjustment for me not to be here come first of August," he said.

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