Killeen: Police social media post serves as lesson for kids when a stranger comes knocking

Published: Jun. 29, 2018 at 7:27 PM CDT
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Earlier this week, Killeen police officers Joshua Plowick and Stephanie Bragg met 11 year old Mychael, he was at home with his litter sister.

Mychael had called police after a stranger had knocked on his door.

He was able to tell the officers where he lived and who was with him.

He even stayed on the phone with the 911 dispatcher until both officers arrived.

Police are reminding parents, they should always tell their kids to never open the door to strangers and never be afraid to call for help.

“Make sure that the doors and windows are locked don't open the door, don't ask who it is “said Bragge.

“It’s as simple as we as adults don't think about what's your phone number, what's your address. What’s your parents' names?” said Plowick.

Other tips include staying on the line with the dispatcher and if they can, let them know what they are seeing.

Killeen police says they have more staff onboard their social media pages to post safety tips for the public.