Killeen: Single mom overcoming odds to finish degree at A&M-Central Texas

Published: Sep. 10, 2018 at 10:19 PM CDT
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Returning to school can be difficult for anyone, but one Central Texas mother is determined not to let anything get in her way.

Alexis Boykin’s story is one of determination and a reminder to keep fighting even when the odds may seem to be stacked against you.

“I felt like I was limited growing up,” she said.

Boykin, 25, is a single mom of four kids --- ages four, three and twins that are 6 months old.

She started in the military, but personal reasons led her out in 2016.

It also dashed her plans for a college degree, or so she thought.

“I really appreciate the way she (Stephanie Hill) encouraged us for being here,” Boykin said.

Nearly two years later, it was a chance encounter with a friend that brought her to Texas A&M Central Texas to work on that ultimate goal of earning her degree.

With nine kids in total, the two walked up to Founders Hall and befriended Hill.

“We just thought we were toughing it out with these kids and we had to get it done. She showed us that gratitude and told us what we are doing something beyond what people feel they can do,” Boykin said.

Hill says she prides herself in being there for any student at A&M-Central Texas.

“My drive every day is to whatever person I encounter that walks through that door and is interested in this program, I’m going to help them get there,” Hill said.

“My goal is to make them understand this is something they can still achieve.”

Boykin is working on her degree in sociology with a minor in psychology. Her goal is to become a teacher and give back to children now with her own being her source of strength and motivation.

“I feel as if I didn’t have kids, I wouldn’t be motivated as I am. With kids, I see giving up is not an option. I want to pave the way so they can see ‘you can do this too.’ I don’t want them to feel like they’re limited,” she said.

Boykin is done focusing on how her story began, instead writing her future.

For single parents who may have thought about giving up, she has some advice.

“You can do it. There is lots of resources out here that nobody knows about,” she said. “But, if you look into them yourself, you can do them."