Killeen: Street maintenance fee to appear on upcoming utility bill

KILLEEN, Texas (KWTX) A street maintenance fee passed by Killeen city council last year, is set to appear on utility bills for the first time Friday.

The fee is hoping to collect $1.6 million annually to help repair roads across the city.

“We really want people to know that one of their priorities – which are the streets they drive on every single day – is going to receive more attention now because of this,” said city spokesperson Hilary Shine.

For most residents in Killeen, the city says you’ll see $1.70 added to your utility bill. For the month of July, you’ll also see a credit for the charge.

“We want people to expect it, to know that the fee is not being charged on the bill they’re receiving this month, but will be charged on the bill next month,” Shine said.

So what charge can businesses expect? That’s when the fee gets tricky. Calculations are based on square footage and put into 70-plus categories – ranging from motel, department store to car wash.
The city says it’s important to check your bill.

“We want to make sure when we actually do bill them that we actually bill them for what they do for a living and the services they provide. So, it’s really important that if they have a question, if they are concerned about it, they make the call, go on the website,” Shine said.

She says the city has also prepared to jumpstart repairs.

“City council saw fit to put aside about $330,000 in street maintenance funding in this year’s budget. There is a collection of streets on the northeast side of Killeen that actually will see maintenance starting October,” Shine said.

In order to figure out which streets are in need of repair, the city has started a study.

“Currently going through a street assessment study that’s going to grade every single street and how it is performing in the city of Killeen so we can have a true picture of which ones really need maintenance and the type of maintenance they need,” Shine said.

How is the fee calculated?

Monthly Street Maintenance Cost per unit x Number of Units x Single-Family Equivalent x Percentage Funded by Fee= Monthly Bill

Examples the city has provided:

Single-family: $6.47 x 1 unit x 1 x .2635 = $1.70
Multifamily (Low-Rise): $6.47 x 4 units x .57 x .2635 = $3.89
Shopping Center: $6.47 x 20 units (1 per 1,000 sq. ft.) x 2.07 x .2635 = $70.58

For a full list of the different categories for businesses, click on the link posted on this story.