Student threatened with baseball bat; local high school girl arrested

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KILLEEN, Texas (KWTX) An Ellison High School student was jailed Thursday after police say she threatened another student on campus with a baseball bat.

Raven C’Mone White, 17, was arrested just after 10:55 a.m. Wednesday on the Ellison campus.

She was held Thursday in lieu of $5,000 bond charged with terroristic threat.

An arrest affidavit issued in the case says officers at Ellison High School were told just before 11 a.m. Wednesday that a student had entered the building carrying a baseball bat and had made threats against another student.

When officers located the suspect and approached her, she ran down some stairs and into a hallway with an assistant principal in chase.

Once outside the principal told the student to drop the bat, but she refused.

Once officers demanded she give up the weapon, she handed it to the principal and was escorted back into the building.

The student struggled with officers for a short time before she was taken into custody.