Dozens protest death of George Floyd in Killeen

Photo by Eric Franklin
Photo by Eric Franklin(KWTX)
Published: May. 30, 2020 at 7:59 PM CDT
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A group of protesters gathered outside a police precinct in Killeen on Saturday to protest the recent police custody death of George Floyd in Minneapolis as well as the death of a local killed by police during a no-knock raid.

Iyana Seals said she marched the streets of Killeen Saturday to protest the death of Floyd and police brutality.

She says when she watched the video of Floyd being murdered, she felt the need to speak out.

“I saw my sister,” she said, “I saw my little cousin. I saw all my family members that’re African American on the ground. I had to say something and do something on my own.”

Along with Iyana, dozens of others came to support the protest and march along with her, including Jumeka Reed.

Her brother, James Scott Reed, was killed in a no-knock raid with Killeen in February of last year. After former officer Anthony Custance was charged with tampering with evidence, she felt that justice wasn’t carried out and continues to protest.

“For George Floyd’s case, for everyone to have to protest just for them to arrest the officer is out of line,” she said.

“With our situation, we want some arrests in our case. We feel like we need to be out here to bring that awareness and justice for all.”

In bringing that awareness, Anthony Platt says it’s important to have a conversation about violence with his children. He felt the need to show them the protest Saturday.

“That makes a world of difference because all the protests aren’t like that,” he said.

“We’re out here for justice. We’re here for peace. But you can’t live life scared.”

As the protests continue in the days to come, Seals says it’s important to keep the violence out.

“I invited people here,” she said.

“If something was to happen, I would’ve felt bad. It would’ve been on me and I would’ve hated that. Even then, I don’t like seeing people get hurt and for something like that to fall out, I would never forgive myself.”

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