Killeen: New police chief talks crime with community

Photo by Tianna Jenkins
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KILLEEN, Texas (KWTX) Killeen's new police chief, Charles Kimble, spoke to the community Monday evening during a Meet and Greet event to address some of their concerns.

The event was held at the Killeen Civic and Conference Center.

The organization Killeen Police Department Law Enforcement Assistance Fund hosted the event to create a way for the community to meet their new police chief and also speak out on their concerns.

Some residents asked questions regarding the recent crime in the area.

Other questions that came up were about gangs and how many police officers are actually working the roads.

Cherese Jordan was at the Meet and Greet because she concerned about children's safety when it came police issuing search warrants.

She also wanted to express her concerns about bullying amount children.

"There are problems that are going on in the high schools as well as branching out to the community," Jordan said.

"I just wondered what he can do about that."

Jordan believes the chief will try to do his best to help change things in Killeen.

Kimble says right now he's learning the ins and outs of the police department, the area, and evaluating resources.

"I really want to have a long-term plan that involves the police department and the community," Kimble said.

"I don't live in these neighborhoods but I get to hear first hand what exactly are the neighbor's concerns."

Kimble says he is looking to have a plan on how to reduce violent crimes in a couple of weeks.