Kittens rescued from dumpster outside local store

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BELLMEAD, Texas (KWTX) Four 3-week-old kittens have been rescued from a trash container outside of a local convenience store.

Last Friday Brenda Franklin and the staff at Fuzzy Friends in Waco were heading home for the weekend when they received a phone call about the kittens.

“The phone rang and a citizen had actually witnessed kittens being thrown into a dumpster,” says Franklin.

The resident heard crying from a trash container outside a Dollar General in Bellmead.

When he looked inside he saw four 3-week-old kittens inside.

“The man brought them up here and we assessed them,” says Franklin,

“They were lethargic, wet, and we were concerned about heat stress.”

All the cats were treated for fleas and eye infections before being taken to a foster home.

Franklin says she and the staff were shaken up, and scared for the kittens well-being.

“You don’t want to see any living thing thrown into a dumpster, it goes against the natural order of things,” she said.

In the days since, the kittens have begun to recover.

“They are doing well and eating like little kittens are supposed to do, I’m very hopeful for them,” says Franklin, who believes the kittens will make a full recovery.

Fuzzy Friends says Bellmead police are investigating the incident, but they don’t have any more details at this time.