Kittens stow away in steel column on 400-mile trip

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SAN DIEGO (AP) Animal authorities in San Diego say five kittens have arrived in the city after a trek of 400 miles.

But they didn’t just wander off.

The San Diego Humane Society says the kittens somehow wound up inside a 60-foot steel column being trucked from Hayward, California to San Diego.

On April 24, construction workers building some new medical offices heard meows coming from the column.

When they tilted the column, the week-old kittens slid out.

It’s unclear how they got there; they could have been aboard when the voyage began near San Francisco or ambled into the column along the route.

The kittens are now in foster care and will be ready for adoption in another couple of months.

And since they were found by construction workers, they’ve been given appropriate names: Crowbar, Rebar, Chisel, Jackhammer and Piper.