Lacy Lakeview: Video shows teen rescuing hawk from swimming pool

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LACY LAKEVIEW, Texas (KWTX) A hawk rescue is caught on camera in Lacy Lakeview.

(Photo courtesy Dawson Phipps)

Cellphone video shows Dawson Phipps, 16, saving a young red-tailed hawk from his mother’s swimming pool at her home on Peaceful Drive on July 29.

His mom spotted the bird in the pool and rushed inside to tell him.

"I'm the animal person out of the whole family so I went there to check it out, and I know birds, when they get filled with water, they can't fly unless they're ducks or they swoop down real quick, so I went in there to pick it up and get it out the water,” said Phipps.

The Connally High School student says they often see two hawks around the area: they call this one “Jeff.”

They believe Jeff was perched on the pool’s metal ladder and may have slipped in.

Phipps uses his bare hands to reach into the pool and save the hawk.

He says he grew up with chickens so he knew how to grab it around the wings so it wouldn’t bite.

However, he said he wouldn’t have cared if he had gotten bit, he only cared about the animal’s safety.

“I was like ‘hey, I rescued a hawk,’” said Phipps. “No one gets to do that often.”

After he carefully pulled the bird out of the pool, he tried drying it off, but it still wouldn’t fly.

Thinking it was injured, he called Lacy Lakeview Police.

An officer responded to help and took the hawk to a bird specialist for care.

After a few days of recuperation, the hawk was released back into the wild on August 1.

Phipps said he hasn’t seen Jeff around the neighborhood yet, but he hopes he will visit them again.

“I’ve always wanted to help animals throughout my life, and knowing that I actually got to do that at such a young age helps me through life,” said Phipps.

The teen hopes to be a professional fisherman or a game warden someday.