Limestone County: New deal signed for federal inmates

(Photo by John Carroll/file)
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LIMESTONE COUNTY, Texas (KWTX) Limestone County has signed a new agreement with the U.S. Marshals Service that could help fill the 1,000 beds in the county’s privately-run detention center, which reopened a month ago.

LaSalle Corrections, the company the county hired to take over the county owned prison, renovate the facility and seek inmates, now employs about 60 at the center.

County Judge Daniel Burkeen says officials are "the most encouraged in years" that the once full prison facility will again fill up.

Burkeen says a new busload of inmates was expected to arrive on Friday from Harris County, but said the number of inmates is nowhere what the county was expecting.

The large staff far outweighs the number of inmates but the staff continues to work to renovate several empty buildings to prepare them for future use.

The reopening was expected to be a shot in the arm to the county's economy and to Limestone County's budget, both of which took a hit when the center was closed in 2013...

Judge Burkeen says the new agreement signed with the U.S. Marshal's Service will also be used for Immigration prisoners from ICE. In the past, Limestone County's budget has been boosted by several million dollars with the county owned facility full.