Little River-Academy: Mayor, firefighters feud

(Photo by Megan Vanselow)
(Photo by Megan Vanselow)(KXII)
Published: May. 9, 2019 at 10:32 PM CDT
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Communication problems have divided the city of Little River Academy and its fire department, despite sharing a building.

The problems began last year, when the ex-fire chief was charged in connection with the theft of thousands of dollars from the department.

Now, the city says it wants to make sure that never happens again.

Mayor Drew Lanham is asking the fire department to be transparent about its finances.

"I'm not against them, as a mayor I'm all for them but I want transparency." Lanham says.

But the department says the faults of the ex-chief do not reflect those remaining in the department.

"I don't like the turmoil that's here we're being blamed and ostracized for things that happened in the past." Current fire chief Dennis Fastzkie says "We've got nothing to hide. [The mayor] can come and ask us what our financial statements are, and we'll give them to [him] "

Thursday's city council meeting was heavily attended.

The city passed an ordinance preventing campaign signs from being posted on city or public property.

After its passing, Lanham asked the fire department to remove a campaign sign from its window.

Lanham was re-elected just last week, his running mate is a member of the fire department.