Local Medical Reserve Corps chapter seeks volunteers

Gene Mikeska
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BELL COUNTY (KWTX) A local emergency preparedness group is in need of more volunteers to help in the aftermath of future natural disasters or medical epidemics in the community.

Gene Mikeska with the Bell County Public Health Department said the local Medical Reserve Corps chapter allows medical and non-medical volunteers to train and work together during natural disasters.

Currently, there are only 20 volunteers participating but 800 volunteers are needed because of the county's growing population.

"Working and living in Bell County from a soldier, to a married person, to someone who's got a little bit older now, you know I've seen the growth here in Bell County. It will continue to grow and the need will continue to expand," he said.

Volunteers can sign up through the MDC website, click the volunteer button and enter their zip code.

Michael McQuiston currently volunteers in his spare time.

He said some online training takes 20 minutes to four hours to complete depending on the task.

"If you're willing to help, they're willing to help you and you can use this training and other things such as if you ever want to do mission work. This kind of training comes in handy," he said.

Volunteers can work in shifts of eight to ten hours.

For more information, contact the Bell County Public Health Department at (254) 773-4457 or Gene Mikeska (254) 709-5213.