Local brewery beer distribution creative ahead of potential re-opening

Published: May. 2, 2020 at 7:36 PM CDT
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Even though breweries and brew pubs aren’t classified as bars, they aren’t classified as restaurants either, and have their own guiding principles from the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission. So they are trying to keep their heads above water until May 18th like every other local watering hole.

“We set up a drive through right by the brewery,” said David Stoneking, Co-Owner of Brotherwell Brewery. “We set up online ordering. And we were lucky to already be in the planning stages for canning some of our beers. And today we are celebrating the release of our first canning run.”

Canning can be a big step for smaller breweries. After a petition by the Texas Craft Brewers Guild asking Governor Greg Abbott to allow craft breweries to deliver beer directly to customers failed, Brotherwell Brewing in Waco went ahead with their plan to can three of their beers. Effectively allowing them a better chance at distribution.

“Our release is now very interrupted,” said Stoneking. “Thankfully we get to sell it on site and we can sell it to customers in limited amounts.As soon as things start returning back to normal we will be shopping around local retailers to get our cans of beer into HEB’s, corner stores, grocery stores. Different bars and restaurants in town that don’t have a draft system.”

With Governor Abbott hinting this week that alcohol to go sales may become permanent thing in Texas, having your beer in as many places as possible can’t hurt.

“We as a brewery are actually not allowed to ship beer or any alcohol. However we can sell to more bars and restaurants who can ship it or deliver and do more things than they could before. Anytime there are less restrictions between folks who want our beer and our beer, that’s better for us.”