Couple quarantined after cruise finally returns to Central Texas

SALADO, Texas (KWTX) A Salado couple is back home after spending nearly 20 days in quarantine after a cruise.

Victor and Janice Means are back in Central Texas after weeks of being quarantined.

Last month, concerns they had been exposed to COVID-19 on the Grand Princess cruise ship prompted an end to their vacation.

On the ship, 21 people tested positive for coronavirus.

Victor and Janice Means spent four days in quarantine aboard the ship and then two more weeks at Marine Corps Air Station Mirimar in San Diego, Calif.

“Every time we opened the door, they came to take temperatures, coming to do all kinds of things, we had to have our mask on," Victor Means said.

Through it all, they remained optimistic.

“We truly stayed busy. We exercised, drank lots of water and stayed hydrated," Janice Means said.

Tests for the coronavirus came back negative.

The couple returned home to Salado on Tuesday.

As Central Texans cope with a shelter-in-place, the Means have a message.

"One of the things is to not fret over what you don’t have but to be thankful for what you do have," Victor Means said.

“Attitude is just roll with the punches."

"Stay positive while you can. Smile, laugh and love your loved ones," Janice Means added.

Victor and Janice say they will always remember this experience.

“You know at our age, we’ve experienced a lot of things and this is something we never expected to experience. But we’ve got a lot of tales to tell," Victor Means said.

They are thankful to be back home and appreciative of the messages and phone calls.