Local drug dog that fought stigma as she fought crime, retires

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GROESBECK, Texas (KWTX) A local city is saying goodbye to a faithful four-legged officer that fought stereotypes as she fought crime.

Opal, a police K9 helping combat drugs for the City of Groesbeck since 2017, has retired. (Groesbeck PD photo)

The City of Groesbeck announced, its police K9 Opal is retiring for medical reasons.

Opal and her handler, Officer Brad Martin, have trained and worked together every day since August 2017.

"Officer Martin began to notice changes in her physical abilities and after further assessment, it was determined she suffered from an arthritis condition and joint deformity which rendered her unable to perform her duties," said Groesbeck police Chief Chris Henson.

A Pit bull, Opal came to GPD as a rescue animal who had been selected and trained in narcotics-detection.

"She was a true asset to our department and is a proud Pit bull who casts a positive light on an often mischaracterized breed," said Henson.

Opal will now spend her remaining years at home with the Martin family, he said.