Area food pantries in need of donations amid COVID-19 shutdowns

TEMPLE, Texas (KWTX) Operation Feeding Temple says area pantries are in desperate need of donations as more and more people are laid off.

(Photo by Eric Franklin)

But they aren't looking for donated items for the pantry, instead they are asking for money.

"When people bring food, we all have to touch and handle it and so in this current crisis it makes more sense just to give us money," Derrel Thompson with Operation Feeding Temple said.

The pantries are also able to buy food at a cheaper price than a regular grocery store, so donated funds can stretch further during this time of need.

"As more and more people are laid off they find themselves in a bit more financial hardship, in the coming weeks and months our pantries are going to see a rise in people coming asking for food," Thompson said.

Pantry Details:
Each of the pantries are offering a drive-thru service to help with social distancing and to abide to the shelter in place guidelines. Please check their social pages for the most recent updates. Here is the drive-thru days and time:
Love Of Christ: Wednesdays 6PM-7:15PM and Thursdays 9AM-11:15AM
St Vincent dePaul: Thursdays 9AM-11AM
Churches Touching Lives for Christ: Tuesdays 9AM-11AM and Saturdays 9AM-12PM
Taylor’s Valley Baptist Church Pantry: 9:00- 11:30 - 2nd & 4th Wednesday of every month

How to Make an Online Donation:
Mail a check to: 4311 South 31st Street, Suite 150, PO BOX #123, Temple, TX 76502 –
Made Payable To: Operation Feeding Temple, Inc.