Local girl featured on KWTX Foster Care Project finds forever family

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WACO, Texas (KWTX) A local 5-year-old who said she didn't know what life was like with a mom or a dad is "grinning ear to ear", her caseworkers say, after a family saw her featured as part of the KWTX ongoing Foster Care Project series and opened their home.

Aubrey was recently placed with the family in North Texas who plan to adopt her by the end of the year.

The soft spoken girl known for her "girly-girl" side made a plea back in January when featured on a story with KWTX morning anchor Pete Sousa.

When Sousa asked the young girl what it meant to have a mom or a dad she simply shrugged her shoulders that she didn't know.

"She recognizes that family is important and she definitely talks about 'when do I get to go to a home that wants to keep me," caseworker Cori Edmonds said in January.

"She does ask questions about 'will I have a family, where will I live, how long will i stay here' and those are questions no child should ever have to ask," Edmonds added.

Aubrey is the 7th child who has found a forever family through the KWTX Foster Care Project started by Pete Sousa in March 2017.