Local hair salon offers extensions for those fighting cancer

Published: Dec. 2, 2019 at 10:49 PM CST
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You wash, comb, and style it. Your hair is an essential part of your identity.

But what happens when cancer takes that away?

"I tried to keep my hair for as long as I could," says Meg Havens who was diagnosed with breast cancer last year.

After going through chemotherapy, Havens eventually decided to shave her head due to the pain.

But losing her hair, wasn't easy.

"You knew that it wasn't going to be the end of the world but it sure felt like it," says Havens.

During the battle with cancer, her boyfriend proposed and asked her to marry him.

Determined to get her hair back for in time for the wedding, she approached her friend and hair stylist Amber Gresham.

"I asked her to give me hair extensions, she said 'well here is the deal you have chemo and post-chemo hair so I can't touch that'," says Havens.

Searching the internet until she came across a hair extension process for those who recently finished chemo.

It's called Chemo Girls, and was invented by Jon Richards of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Taking 10-12 hours to do, it's completely safe and effective for individuals who have lost their hair through chemotherapy.

"I flew all the way to Minneapolis to get them done," says Havens who was able to get her hair extensions done before the wedding.

The entire time she was thinking Amber should do it.

She convinced Amber to apply, drive to Minnesota, and learn the technique to become the first in Texas and just the seventh certified salon to offer the extensions.

"I have always been on the side where I shave the hair when they find out they have cancer," says Amber Gresham from Sola Salon.

"As a hair dresser you don't get to be on the positive end of it, but now I do," says Gresham.

The extensions needing to be re-done every few months, Meg no longer needing to travel states away.

"I am slowly starting to feel like myself and with this hair," says Havens.