Belton: High school holds football camp for students with special needs

Published: Oct. 7, 2019 at 10:40 PM CDT
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The first ever "Camp Champions" was held Monday evening at Belton High School's Tiger Field.

Student athletes from the football team, along with cheerleaders, and coaches worked with special needs students from the school district.

"We think it’s a great opportunity for our kids to give back," says Assistant Athletic Director Brian Cope.

Students from pre-k through high school participated in drills that involved tacking, running, kicking, and even cheer-leading.

"They are showing their abilities,' says Lauren Marx who works as an adapted PE teacher in Belton.

"They are showing their parents I can do this," says Marx.

Parents at the event say this is an amazing chance for their kids to work with the student athletes.

"It makes my heart so happy because so many of our kids aren’t given the opportunity to do this," says Karri Brashear whose daughter participated in the camp.

Players working with the students say it's something they won't forget.

"They might not be able to be on the football team or do other things, but giving them this opportunity it’s just awesome," says senior Jonah Jimenez.

The event, creating memories that coaches say will stick with everyone involved.

"We are not just about trying to make great football players and cheerleaders, we are about trying to make great young men and great young women," says Cope.

This was the first time the school district has held an event like this, and they say they hope to do more in the future.