Local high school students create Black History Month mural

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WACO, Texas (KWTX) Connally High School students created a wall mural of an African American woman comprised of photos of influential African American men and women to celebrate Black History Month.

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The nearly 100 students, mostly juniors and seniors, created the mural as part of teacher Anna Sanchez’s graphic design class.

“We spent about a week solid on it,” Sanchez said.

“During the process we talked about race and cultural acceptance. I was able to give some lessons while they worked that the kids had never heard before.”

The face of the woman along with her curly black hair and long eyelashes was made of paper and crafted carefully, but it was the woman’s clothing that sparked most of the conversation.

“The garment was made of black history photos,” Sanchez said.

“We had Barack Obama and talked about him being our first black president. We had Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X and Rosa Parks. Some they had learned about in elementary school but others it was a first.”

The students learned as they worked opening up lots of discussion between the kids of all races.

“It’s important to know that kids of all races worked on this project,” Sanchez says.

“I explained to them that it’s all of our history so the one thing we can do to continue on the legacy of the people we’re studying is to not see color, to see the individual.”

Sanchez graduated from Connally High school in 1999 and spent 10 years working in the corporate world before finding her way back to the same classrooms where she once sat.

She said this project reaffirms her decision to change paths and make a difference.

“Just them working together to get it done. It was beautiful,” she said.