Local pastor has Trump’s ear on border security

Waco pastor Ramiro Pena (far right) with President Donald Trump (left) during the president's...
Waco pastor Ramiro Pena (far right) with President Donald Trump (left) during the president's visit to the Texas-Mexico border. (MRC-TV photo)(KWTX)
Published: Jan. 22, 2019 at 6:07 PM CST
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Waco pastor Ramiro Pena's advisory role to President Trump continues to grow.

Pena, who says he’s often summoned to the White House for off the record advice, appeared on “Fox and Friends” Tuesday morning to talk about his position in advising Mr. Trump.

"When he calls upon me to give feedback I give him pastoral feedback that I would give to any political leader regardless of their background or party affiliation,” he said.

Pena shared a table with the president on Jan. 10 when Mr. Trump visited McAllen and the Texas-Mexico border.

"I especially want to thank you for calling this what it is, a humanitarian crisis when you use that language it really sets bells to ringing," Pena told Mr. Trump during the visit.

"People in my profession see this human suffering brought by drugs, by the arms that are brought in that make our communities more violent, the trafficking of women and children and boys and young males as well," Pena told the president.

"People are not always eager to point out the crimes that are taking place. It goes under reported. The people in my profession especially Spanish-speaking pastors in this scepter know firsthand the human suffering and the human toll."

He reinforced that message in an interview Tuesday.

"I thanked him for calling it a humanitarian crisis because people are suffering because of wide open borders and there seems to be no curtailing all the human trafficking drug trafficking,” Pena told KWTX.

Mr. Trump and Congress are in a stalemate over government funding as the president holds firm on his demand for $5.7 billion for a border barrier.

"It's sad that very intelligent people can't put the best and brightest in the room and find a solution or end this problem. It's not going to be solved through sound bites,” Pena said Tuesday.