Students stay home after unfounded ‘hit list’ rumor at local high school

(Lorena ISD/file)
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LORENA, Texas (KWTX) Seventy five Lorena High School students stayed home Friday after what a school officials said was an unfounded rumor of a “hit list” circulated on social media earlier in the week.

The school has an enrollment of 542.

Lorena Superintendent Joe Kucera said some of the 75 were sick, but he believes others stayed home because of the rumor, which resulted from allegations from a couple of students for which no corroboration was found.

"If we thought the school was unsafe we wouldn't even be having school,” Kucera said Friday.

In a letter to parents Thursday, Kucera rebutted the rumor that a student had a “hit list,” saying “This information is incorrect.

“Lorena High School administration in conjunction with the Lorena Police Department have investigated the report thoroughly. Fortunately, the comprehensive investigation found no credible threat to Lorena High School or any other Lorena ISD campus,” he wrote.

“Unfortunately, unfounded misinformation has been shared on social media and has understandably resulted in widespread concern from Lorena parents, students, and the community as a whole,” he wrote.

The district is taking additional steps as a precautionary measure to ensure that students, staff and the community feel safe.

“We will continue to monitor the situation, investigate reports, and take additional safety measures as needed,” he wrote.