Local sheriff issues warning about new phone scam

BELTON, Texas (KWTX) A new phone scam is spreading across the area and Bell County's top cop is issuing a warning to stop residents from falling into the trap.

A new scam is targeting Central Texas residents.

During a press conference Friday, Sheriff Eddy Lange detailed the phone scam that he has also been on the receiving end of. The call appears to be from a local number, but you quickly find scammers on the other end looking to attack your wallet.

"They identify themselves as an officer from the social administration," Lange said.

On the call, the scammer also claims your social security number has been compromised and now you have multiple bank accounts open.

"They put a little pressure on you and say, 'We've notified the DEA and we're going to freeze all you're checking accounts. So we recommend you take all your money out of your bank and wait until this is all over,'" Lange said.

A second call comes in and alleges you have been money laundering, your accounts will be closed and a warrant will be issued for your arrest unless you make a payment.

“Then comes the pitch. However, we might can settle this over the phone if you’re willing to pay a percentage of money you have in these accounts, we can make this all go away and you deposit money back into the account once we lift the hold on them," Lange said.

He says the calls originate from across the world which makes it hard to make any arrests.

"If you try to call the numbers back, you're not getting anywhere," he said.

Lange reminds everyone not to fall in the trap and never give out personal information. Federal agencies will not ask for money over the phone.

If you need reassurance, you can contact the Bell County Sheriff's Office or your bank.

“If you get an unsolicited call asking for your bank information, credit card, you just better figure you’re fixing to lose your money if you go through with it," Lange added.