Police make arrest in school pep rally threat

Published: Oct. 26, 2018 at 3:20 AM CDT
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Robinson Police Friday arrested a student for making a threat regarding a Robinson High School pep rally.

Police say the juvenile male student was charged with making a false alarm involving an institution of education, a state jail felony.

He was taken to the Bill Logue Juvenile Justice Center in Waco.

The Robinson ISD’s superintendent was working Friday to dispel rumors of the threat.

Michael Hope said in a message parents there was no validity to the threat.

“Last night a rumor that a student would possibly go to this morning’s HS pep rally to harm others was circulated via social media and texts,” Hope said in the message.

“The Robinson Police Department acted quickly to investigate. No credible evidence has been found to substantiate the rumor,” he said.

“However, other students were found to have falsely generated and circulated the rumor which has caused a considerable disturbance to at least a portion of our community.”

Hope did not provide any detail about the nature of the rumored threat, but urged parents, students, staff and residents to continue to work together to keep children safe.