Local teenager’s homecoming mum is one for the record books

Heaven Diaz's senior homecoming mum weighs in at almost 50 pounds. (Courtesy photo)
Heaven Diaz's senior homecoming mum weighs in at almost 50 pounds. (Courtesy photo)(KWTX)
Published: Nov. 10, 2017 at 1:14 PM CST
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University High School senior Heaven Diaz’s homecoming mum, which weighs in at 47 pounds, is one for the record books.

“It’s actually one of the biggest ones I've seen in my all four years,” said Diaz, who apparently took her senior class slogan, Bigger and Better, to heart.

“I just decided I mean it's my senior year, I guess, so go big or go home,” Diaz said.

“I wanted to be different, too. I like doing big things, I guess.”

The materials for the mum cost about $575 and Diaz and her family spent three weeks making it.

“We bought plenty of duct tape and staples. We have a lot of staples at home now and duct tape,” Diaz said.

Diaz, with the help of her aunt and her mother, created the giant mum in the shape of the state of Texas festooned with teddy bears and brightly colored ribbons and topped off with lights.

“Well we had the lights and we kind of just made it real extravagant afterward, but then it was last minute,” Diaz said.

While the idea started small, the mum ended so large Diaz couldn’t wear it to class or even see over the front of it.

She was forced to haul the show-stopper on her back.

“So on the back we made a hole and added zip ties back there and then on the other side we made a hole and zip ties. So we had a rope back there to tighten it and at first I had it around my neck so I could let it dangle. But, afterwards I started walking and was like ‘no this ain’t gonna work.’ So I just put my arm right through it and wore it as a sash kind of almost. So it looked like I was Captain America with him having his shield in the back.”

Diaz said the mum didn’t cost nearly as much as it could have because most of the material was taken from her mother’s and aunt’s University High School senior mums.

“I really wanted to incorporate the school because I've been here so long. Because my family, we've all graduated from here.” Diaz said.

“My mom’s side, all her family and then my dad's, too.”

The most expensive purchase was the glue gun used to put it all together.

“I had a really good time at homecoming and it was very memorable for me and it's my aunt’s 10-year reunion also so it was a big event for my family, too,” she said.