Lone Star unveils Mexican-style lager with a 'unique' Texas flavor

Published: Apr. 21, 2020 at 11:10 AM CDT
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Lone Star Beer on Tuesday unveiled Rio Jade, a Mexican-style lager "inspired by the appreciation for Texas’ diverse lands and waterways."

Lone Star said Rio Jade will have a "flavor unique to Texas" and will be available throughout the state starting in late April, with full distribution in May.

“We’re excited to launch the Rio Jade Mexican Style Lager as it gives us a chance to honor our heritage, but also celebrate the Texas of today,” said Lone Star Brand Director, Emily Hoyle.

Rio Jade six-packs available at a suggested retail price of $7.99. The six packs will be available for a limited time until the end of summer.

The lager will come in bold turquoise cans, the first beer label designed by Burnt Nopal Creative Director and Texas-based artist Cruz Ortiz, Lone Star said.

"Lone Star’s first seasonal beer will inspire all drinking-age generations to be proud of what Texas represents. Like the ever-flowing waters of Texas, Lone Star Beer is here to ensure no one goes thirsty," Lone Star said.

"The new beer, which translates to 'River Jade,' was inspired by the love of the land of Texas and the color and design is reflective of the natural beauty found in the waters of Texas and Mexico. From natural pools, to running rivers, everyone can find their oasis in Texas with a Rio Jade in hand."

Lone Star said Rio Jade has an ABV of 4.5 percent.

"This crisp, Mexican-style lager is locally brewed in the Hill Country of Austin with the finest ingredients Texas has to offer, including award-winning malt from Blacklands Malt, the first malt house to use Texas-grown barley."

“The beer perfectly represents what we value at Lone Star: connecting to the land and people of Texas, providing new and refreshing ways to enjoy our great state, and above all else, making delicious tasting beer for Texans everywhere," Hoyle said.