Lorena: Popular restaurant closes for good

(Photo by Bethany Moore)
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LORENA, Texas (KWTX) Raymond's Southern Kitchen in Lorena closed its doors forever on Thursday evening, after years of struggles stemming at least in part by the expansion of Interstate 35, which required closure of the northbound exit that leads to the restaurant.

"Construction's been real tough on us for a couple of years, but we kind of made it through that and now it's time to reinvest and I just don't have the capital to do that," said owner Raymond Carter.

Customers were disappointed when they heard the news.

"It's so sad. One of the waitresses told us and we just stood their speechless," longtime customer Sheri Whitfield said.

Carter doesn't know what the future holds.

"I don't know. I'm going to go to California to see my grandbabies," he said.

But the hardest part of all this is the goodbyes.

"I'm going to be alright but it's just been tough today," Carter said.