Lorena: Wildlife Rehab Center asks public to help in new project

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LORENA, Texas (KWTX) It might be 30 degrees outside but for Lorena Wildlife Rehab Center Director Rachel Sine, that doesn't matter.

“(We) do whatever needs to be done to heal them raise them and get them back out to their natural environments...We just feel really lucky that we get to do this job."

Just last year she worked with over 600 animals, something Sine says she couldn't have done if it weren't for the public's help.

"This isn't a one-man show by any means...really anyone can help with our mission supporting us volunteering spreading the word you know those are all great things and we have a great community support already and we just have to continue that."

A way to continue that support Sine hopes is a new flight pen for the birds she sees. One big enough to help the birds in flight rehab.

"That is really essential when you take in raptors which are eagles, hawks, owls, and anything like that.
When they are recovering from their injuries they can get exercise and work those muscles"

For more ways on how to help Lorena Wildlife Rehab Center, visit their Facebook page.