Lorena family using car stickers to find possible kidney donors

(Photo by Kathleen Serie)
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LORENA, Texas (KWTX) After three years of weekly dialysis treatments and constant waiting for a kidney transplant, a Lorena man and his family are reaching out to possible donors in a unique way: through a car sticker.

Randy Williams says his son’s fiancé designed the car sticker that lists Randy’s blood type, as well as an email address for more information.

Randy’s wife, daughter, and two sons all have similar stickers on the back windows of their vehicles.

The family says they hope the design will catch the eye of a possible kidney donor.

“If there's someone that hears Randy's story that is looking for a way to make such a positive impact in someone's life, that they'll feel led to consider kidney donation,” Randy’s wife Audie said.

Randy’s battle with kidney disease started in 2009, when doctors diagnosed him with autonomic dysfunction. Randy also has diabetes and high blood pressure.

A few years after his diagnosis, he was placed on a kidney transplant list and started a four hour dialysis treatment three days a week.

"It kind of came like a part time job, really," Randy said.

It’s a job that’s keeping Randy alive, but is hard on his body as well.

"The longer you're on dialysis; it takes a toll on your body, and also weakens your heart the longer you're on dialysis,” he said.

That’s why Randy needs a new kidney sooner, rather than later.

Despite his disease, Randy says he is still an active member of the community, coaching little league baseball in his spare time.

"Just don't want to sit in the house and dwell on, ah, I got a kidney failure, I can't do anything, but that's not me,” he said.

While the Williams continue to wait for a donor, Randy says he’s staying hopeful.

“It’s going to happen someday, so I don’t get discouraged about that,” he said.

The Williams say their insurance will cover the full cost of a transplant.

To find out more information about kidney transplants, call the Scott & White Transplant Coordinator at (254) 724-8912, or send an email to RandyNeedsKidney@gmail.com