Conviction overturned: Man visits local store he insists he didn’t rob

KILLEEN, Texas (KWTX) It's been more than two weeks since George Powell III bonded out after serving more than a decade behind bars for a crime he maintains he didn't commit and on Monday Powell visited the 7-Eleven store in Killeen he says he was falsely accused of robbing in 2008.

“It was the greatest relief that I could have possibly imagined," Powell said.

Powell says he's thought about walking through the 7-Eleven store constantly while serving his 28-year sentence.

His sentence was recently vacated by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals after determining Bell County prosecutors failed to correct a jailhouse informant's false testimony.

He is currently awaiting a new trial.

“It’s conclusive that it’s not me. They got the original footage and the newly developed footage…it’s perfect," Powell said.

Mike Ware, Powell's attorney, was also on-hand gathering evidence.

"It was really great to finally show in black and white how it is impossible that he could have done these robberies. It is impossible that he was the person in the video," Ware said.

That footage is at the center of Powell's claim of innocence. He says the video proves the robber is much shorter than he is.

“The best part of it when I get to walk the door and back out, I got to see myself I was towering over those stickers," Powell said.

He also stopped at the Valero gas station, a location police also believe was part of the robber's crime spree.

As Powell and Ware wait for a possible new trial, they are hoping a new face takes over.

“You know, we’ve filed a motion to disqualify the district attorney’s office. Hopefully if we can get an experienced, fair prosecutor on this case, I believe this case will be dismissed," Ware said.

The Bell County District Attorney's Office maintains they have enough evidence to convict Powell again. A new trial date has yet to be set.