Man who ran from local deputies over pot faces felony charges

Codie Ratliff. (Jail photo)
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) A man running from the law over a small amount of marijuana is now facing a slew of felony charges, deputies say.

Codie Ratliff, 33, was booked into the McLennan County Jail Thursday night on a growing list of charges including evading in a vehicle, evading on-foot, resisting arrest, failure to identify as a fugitive, reckless driving, causing an accident, and driving without a license.

According to McLennan County Sheriff's officials, a deputy driving northbound on I-35 near Lorena noticed a car exiting the interstate as he was getting onto it.

The deputy stopped on the shoulder and says he saw the vehicle, a black 2001 Lincoln Continental, return to the interstate then exit again once the driver spotted him.

As the driver was exiting, he began to drive recklessly, the deputy says, and once he got close enough to initiate a traffic stop the driver gave chase near New Rd. and Robinson Dr.

The pursuit continued until a civilian crashed into the suspect's vehicle when it ran a stop sign at 12th and Gurley Ln., deputies said.

After the suspect fled on foot, Waco Police officers found him hiding under a table behind a house on Kennedy Circle.

After speaking with the suspect and conducting a search of the vehicle, deputies determined he ran from police because he had a small bag of marijuana in his vehicle.

"This guy ran from a misdemeanor--that our DA will not prosecute--and turned it into several felonies," said Lt. Joseph Ballew.

Because he was involved in a crash, the suspect was taken to the hospital to be check out before being transported to jail.

The civilian involved in the crash had no major injuries, deputies say.