Marlin: Repairs continue on landmark hotel

(Photo by Neal Klaeser)
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MARLIN, Texas (KWTX) Repairs continue on Marlin’s historic Falls Hotel after falling glass endangered residents.

Scaffolding covers a third of the Historic Falls Hotel as workers repair broken windows that led the city to order the owner to make the improvements.

Falling glass from the hotel forced the City of Marlin to block off parking and sidewalks in front of the hotel on Coleman Street in mid-November.

Marlin Mayor John Keefer say's the code enforcement inspection "does not require owner Chris Martinez to install new windows, just to reinforce and repair windows to clear the threat of falling glass."

KWTX video of the building shows a quarter of the windows have been repaired and painted but empty window panes that were allowing pigeons to build nests in the old building are being covered.

"I'm replacing all broken and missing window panes and re-glazing all the windows, anything that can be a hazard to the public we are replacing and repairing,” Martinez said.

"We have abandoned buildings all over the city where windows are covered by plywood, so if the owner wants to even do that he can, he just needs to comply by making the building safe," Keefer said.

The Hilton Hotel built in 1929 by Conrad Hilton is owned privately by Martinez.

Yellow tape remains across the front of the building keeping people away until the repairs are complete.