Mart: Actor, pastor, music producer dares students to dream

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MART, Texas (KWTX) A man who’s had big success in the entertainment industry after overcoming odds of being raised poor with a father who was addicted to heroin took time to bring a message of hope to hundreds of students in Central Texas.

Kam Hunt. (Courtesy photo)

Kam Hunt spoke to 7th-12th grade students in a packed gymnasium Thursday at Mart High School.

“I thought his words were very encouraging,” said 8th grade student Nakia Vincent.

“He was funny. But he spoke the truth.”

Hunt has done voiceover radio commercials for McDonalds, Dr Pepper, Sprite, Rent-A-Center and Radio Shack.

He also had a principal role in the film version of “Friday Night Lights” and serves as a pastor at one of the country’s largest churches, Gateway in Dallas.

He’s a music producer, video producer and has recently produced music for acclaimed Houston rapper Raskull.

But on Thursday, Hunt came to Mart with one goal in mind; to inspire kids that they can be whatever they dream.

“You want to make it to the next level?” Hunt asked the students. “You want that goal? “You know what you're going to have to do? Sacrifice. A lot of people think ‘oh man sacrifice I got to give something up.’ What if your sacrifice is actually investment in the future?”

Hunt told the kids how he grew up poor with a father who to this day, he says, is still addicted to heroin.

“I’m going to be something for you one day,” Hunt told the kids he recalled telling his father.

But doing that would take a lot of grit and determination in his life as he set goals even a school guidance counselor told him could not be achieved.

“She said kids from this school just don't get scholarships,” Hunt said.

“I used her words as fuel.”

Hunt became a four-year letterman scholarship football player at Texas Christian University.

He says while his friends were out partying and getting into trouble, he focused on making sure he lived up to the promise he made his dad.

And now that he’s achieved that and more, he’s spreading the same message of hope to young kids.

“I’m here to tell these students in Mart that there is nothing impossible. You can accomplish whatever your mind can imagine.”