McGregor: New woodshop rises from the ashes of one that burned

Fire (left) destroyed Porter's Woodshop in September 2018 McGregor, but a new shop has risen from the ashes. (Staff photo/photo by John Carroll)
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MCGREGOR, Texas (KWTX) The owner of a McGregor woodworking shop is back in business, just less than six months after fire destroyed his 10,000-square-foot building.

The fire that broke out at around 2:15 a.m. on Sept. 25, 2018 gutted the metal building that housed Porter’s Woodshop at 1736 Val Verde Rd.

Two trucks and a trailer were also destroyed.

Jim Porter has been making custom cabinets for homebuilders for 25 years and while the shop was not insured, the family was determined to rebuild.

"I didn't know if I could start over, but I put $120,000 of my own money back in this new building."

"I welded all the ceiling beams as we constructed this new shop on the old slab."

The 7,300-square-foot building is filled with equipment Porter purchased for other businesses and six employees are hard at work filing orders.

The cause of the fire in September was not determined.

"I think it may have been electrical since a lot of my electrical lines were nearly 30 years old.