Members of local high school band package 10,000 meals

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WACO, Texas (KWTX) Members of a local high school band are in the middle of a unique fundraiser as part of which they are packing 10,000 meals, most of which will be sent overseas.

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For the last five weeks, Midway High School’s marching band has been asking for donations in a campaign they’re calling Feed the Need.

The group has raised nearly $30,000, which pays for the meals, and is saving what’s left to fund the band’s needs for the next marching season.

The band met this week to pack up the first meals, which include rice, beans and a dried vitamin powder mixture, and feed six people.

“We are actually packing 10,000 meals. Most of these meals are going overseas,” said band booster club member Dawn Uballe.

“They are going to Haiti but we also have the opportunity to keep some of them back and keep them in our community. We are going to give a chunk to The Cove and give a portion to Friends for Life.”

Uballe said the fundraiser, while unique, has been a great way to teach the kids about helping themselves while also helping someone else.

“We look for things to do outside of selling candy bars or selling wrapping paper,” she said.

“We are fulfilling a need. This is going to go to people who are hungry, but also the money we raise goes right back into our program and the development of our program.”

The fundraiser will continue for the next few weeks.