Mexico's new leader says relations with Trump good

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. (MGN/file)
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MEXICO CITY (AP) Mexico's leftist new president says relations with U.S. President Donald Trump are "good," and that the two will probably talk soon about the immigration issue.

Many had been expecting President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador to quickly run into conflict with Trump, especially since a caravan of about 7,000 Central American migrants camped out on the U.S. border last month.

But Lopez Obrador says he's hopeful the two sides can agree on development aid for Central America and southern Mexico, to create jobs so people won't have to emigrate.

Lopez Obrador said Wednesday that the two "are in constant communication, and the communication is good. Relations are good."

But he sidestepped questions about whether Mexico will agree to house migrants while their U.S. asylum claims are processed.