Midway student asked to cut hair before returning to school

Published: Jan. 8, 2019 at 12:47 AM CST
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As students head back to the classroom Tuesday morning many will be wearing their favorite Christmas clothes and shoes.

They may even have that fresh haircut or hairstyle.

But one little boy plans to attend school wearing his hair just the way he likes it.

He’ll be wearing the dreadlocks he’s grown for quite a while, despite administrators at his school telling him it’s time to cut it.

According to his mother Tiffany Brown, her son who is a first grader at a Midway Independent School, said Monday, that on the last day of class before the winter break, an official at the school told her and her son it is time to cut his hair and comply with the district’s dress code.

According to a reminder Brown shared on social media, a boy’s hair cannot be longer than the bottom of his ears or collar and not more than two inches in volume.

Brown said she doesn’t even understand how she can reduce the “volume” of her child’s hair.

Brown who now wears her hair natural, and her three children all have wear dreadlocks.

She said they way her family wears their hair bears significance culturally and religiously.

She added the policy is outdated.

“I think that his hair has nothing to do with his ability to learn. The way we express ourselves makes us unique and every child is unique. Hair shouldn't be in the dress code as far as I'm concerned."

Midway ISD issued a statement late Monday afternoon saying "Since the code applies to all students, it is not discriminatory in intent or by legal standards. students are expected to adhere to the current dress code, which was acknowledged by every student's guardian at registration."

It’s unclear what will happen Tuesday morning when Brown takes her children to school, but she is hoping the district can update their policy to be more progressive.