Missing man’s truck found along area interstate

Joshue Lugo-Campos. (Dallas Police Dept. photo)
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NAVARRO COUNTY, Texas (KWTX) Authorities are investigating after a truck belonging to a Dallas man missing since last weekend was found abandoned along Interstate 45 in Navarro County.

A Department of Public Safety trooper found the white Lincoln pickup Thursday morning near Angus.

Joshue Lugo-Campos, 23, was last seen Saturday.

A police release says he’s “missing under suspicious circumstances and may be injured."

Lugo-Campos is 5-foot-6, weighs 170 pounds and was wearing a striped shirt when he was last seen.

The discovery of the truck started an online rumor mill in Freestone county after someone posted online that the car was "abandoned by a murder suspect" and was found "with blood inside and body parts."

That post was widely circulated prompting the Freestone County Sheriff's Department to respond on their facebook page.

They said the post was untrue.

"The news being shared on social media concerning the below statement made is false information regarding our county and Fairfield in particular," the department said.

"This is a good time to mention that we should all be very careful when sharing information through social media and take the time to verify its validity before doing so."

Dallas police also confirmed to KWTX that the story shared online was not true, telling KWTX that no body parts were found inside the truck.