Mission Waco renovation to bring jobs, revenue to North Waco

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WACO, Texas. (KWTX) Mission Waco wants you to buy $25 in stock that goes towards bringing jobs to a community that desperately needs economic growth.

C.I.O.S., a local charity, will match all funds up to $220,000. Mission Waco is turning to new and old donors to come up with the other half so they can renovate the old Martha Jane’s Liquor store on 15th and Colcord.

“Essentially what the stocks are, is a way for (Mission Waco) to fundraise, John Calloway, executive director said.

“Not just make (fundraising) available or just give the opportunity to middle and upper-class folks in our community but give it to people who are in our own backyard.”

Although the purchased stocks are not like the stock market, investors will get a plaque for their contribution.

The charity wants people to feel like they own and are improving this community.

Just like Mission Waco is looking for community investment, they are also looking for community input to decide what new business will move in.

Retail shops, office space, a library, small bank and healthy restaurant are all options Mission Waco is looking into.

This drive is more than just repurposing an old building, Mission Waco wants to bring livable wages to lower income neighborhoods.

“We always want to be promoting economic development in our community,” Calloway said.

“We can have all the programs in the world but we need to have jobs that are being created in our community. Lifting people out of poverty. (Without jobs) families who are caught in cycles of generational poverty will not be lifted. And those cycles will not be broken.”

Calloway said livable wages in Waco are around $11/hour. He wants to see the quality of life for all social classes in the city improve.

“Having businesses in our community that can provide minimum wage jobs, which are actual livable wage jobs is important,” the executive director said.

“It’s those are the kind of jobs we need. If we can play a small part in that, hopefully we can encourage other businesses to come in and pay a little more wages. That helps lift up everyone in our community slowly but surely.”