Killeen: Mom of five fights for custody after CPS case reopens

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KILLEEN, Texas A closed CPS case was reopened after a move to Fort Hood, and now a mother of five says her world is in shambles.
While on Fort Bragg, Devante Marquis says at 16 years old, he was in a bad place and seeking attention.

"I still don't know why I said that; at the time I really didn't care about the consequences," he said during a phone interview.

"I regret saying that to this day."
After being picked up as a runaway, he told police in North Carolina that his younger brother molested one of his little sisters.

A CPS case was opened, and both boys were sent to live in New York.

But weeks later, Devante's mom was informed that the case was closed.
"CID (Criminal Investigation Division) told me they closed the investigation," says Sandy Marquis.

"The CPS portion of it, it was closed," she adds. She was provided with a letter from the Cumberland County Department of Social Services stating that "protective services are no longer needed". The letter was dated May 26, 2017.
Marquis was later reassigned to Fort Hood where she started over with her three youngest children, but their new peace didn't last.

Maquis says her accused son temporarily came to Fort Hood in August of 2018.
Child Protective Services in Bell County stepped in.
In an affidavit, the caseworker called the situation an "immediate danger to the health or safety of the children," and they were removed from their home.

CPS also cited an "ongoing criminal investigation", but military officials say relocations are highly unlikely during open investigations.

Marquis is also upset at how the judge is handling the case and worries about her children.

She provided photos to News 10 sent to her by the children's caretaker.

She says the pictures show a newly developed skin condition and bald spots from lack of proper care by the foster family.

"What if I wasn't that parent who fought as much as I've been fighting," says Marquis.

"How many kids have they done that to and gotten away with it?"
Marquis says the photos prove her children are being neglected in the foster care system.

Both older sons are back in New York with their grandmother.

CPS representatives could not comment on the Marquis case but say anyone with concerns about how their case is being handled should file a
complaint with the Office of Consumer Affairs.