Months later, missing soldier's mother still waiting for answers

Published: May. 6, 2020 at 11:02 PM CDT
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It's been nearly nine months since Fort Hood soldier Gregory Wedel-Morales was last seen by anyone and his mother is still waiting for answers about his fate.

Pvt. Morales disappeared on Aug. 19, 2019, without a trace. Since, then the family has only received a small glimpse of news about his vehicle.

“The only actual lead we found is my daughter-in-law found a CarFax report and it showed It was inspected in Dallas in December," said his mother, Kim Wedel.

After Gregory's disappearance, he was classified as AWOL then deserted.

Now, the Army Criminal Investigation Command is offering a $15,000 reward in his case.

Kim Wedel does not believe her son would have intentionally vanished.

“He had plans. Just disappearing, losing the money to pay for college…a paycheck, that’s not him," she said.

Since his disappearance, another soldier has also gone missing on Fort Hood.

Pfc.Vanessa Guillen has been missing for two weeks.

Guillen, 20, was last seen at 1 p.m. on April 22 in the parking lot of her Regimental Engineer Squadron Headquarters.

Her car keys, room key, ID card and wallet were later found in the armory room where she was working earlier in the day.

An extensive search, the Army says, is ongoing. Kim Wedel says she has talked to Vanessa's sister, Mayra Guillen.

“I feel for her family. I know how scary it is especially in the first few weeks. Everybody is flooding you with what could possible be. I hope they find her soon. I pray they have a happier ending than I have so far," Kim Wedel said.

She says she's hoping someone comes forward with information about where her son could be, especially with the reward money being offered.

“Hope is getting harder to hang on to. My hope is just somebody will tell us where he is at, whether dead or alive. I just need to know where my baby is. I just need that one person to come forward and tell us where he is at," Kim Wedel said.

Anyone with information is asked to either call local authorities or Fort Hood CID office at (254) 287-2722.